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add to favorites 600V/1700V transformer, variac, dummy load
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I'm looking for a transformer that has a 600V and 1700V output and a 120V input. It will be used to drive a tube amp.

Windings for 6.3V and/or 28V would be beneficial but are by no means necessary.

I'm also looking for a dummy load that can withstand 600W+ intermittently, as well as a variac rated for 1000W+.

If anybody has any of the above, please contact me!
add to favorites military radio
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I am restoring a 1952 M38 military jeep and am looking for military radio equipment to install as a display. working equipment would be great but non functional would be good to.Dave VY2DAC 902-394-7810
add to favorites 1950 -> Military mobile Radio any condition
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I am restoring a military 1952 M38 (Willys) jeep and would like to add a military radio to the project. working or not, preferably mobile type but also man pack type would be a great addition.
Thanks for any equipment, info or contacts.
Dave, VY2DAC