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add to favorites Icom 756 Pro 111
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Very good condition.
Icom 756 Pro 111 Transceiver
Icom PS 125 Power Supply
Icom SP 23 Speaker
Icom SM 20 Desk Mike HM 36 Hand Mike
CT 17 Ci-v level converter and cable
Asking $2400.00
add to favorites Rigblaster plus
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Rigblaster Plus

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add to favorites Rotor control
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Archerotor 15-1225A

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add to favorites Yaesu FT620B
Yaesu FT620B comes with YM34 desk mike

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add to favorites Pakratt 232
Pakratt 232 PK-232MBX
add to favorites YW-3 meter
YW-3 SWR meter
Clearing out my shack as we renovate our house.
Getting rid of items I never use.

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add to favorites MFJ deluxe versa tuner II
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MFJ deluxe versa tuner II.
Clearing out my shack while we renovate our house.
Need to find new homes for some of my duplicate gear

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add to favorites MFJ deluxe versa tuner II
MFJ deluxe versa tuner II.
Clearing out my shack while we renovate our house.
Need to find new homes for some of my duplicate gear

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add to favorites RIGRUNNER 4005
RR/4005/C RIGrunner 5-way 12V Distribution Board. 5-way 12V Distribution Board. It has 5 outlets and connectors on the side. Perfect for small or mobile installs, or as expansion unit.
Anderson Powerpole Connectors Provide Interoperability for Emergency Communications
Our Powerpole® configuration conforms to the ARES, RACES, RSGB standard, and ARRL recommendation for high current 12 VDC connectors.
Safe secure, HOT CONNECT, polarized, color keyed, genderless connector system.
No messy binding posts, frayed wire connections, black tape or short circuits!
A full array of quick change Powerpole® power supply, extension and adapter cables available
High Current Capability
High current! More than enough 12 V power for your station. Pick the appropriate model
Each outlet may be used at full ratings: transceivers, amplifiers or any accessory
The 8012 is conservatively rated at 80 A total with any outlet good to 40 A
Models 40xx are conservatively rated at 40 A total with any outlet good to 40 A
4004, 4005, 4008 & 4012 models can use any output jack as the power input with full ratings
Protected with Electronic Solid State Fuses or Readily Available ATC/ATO Fuses
4005i features electronic fuses with user configurable trip points, 1 to 40 A
Each outlet is individually fused with automotive ATC/ATO fuses on other models. Shipped with appropriate fuses installed
Fuses are quick change; accessible from the outside using high quality fuse holders
ATC/ATO auto fuses are easy to get and are available in 10 values from 1 to 40 A
Power Monitoring and Alerts
Precision window comparator quick status power monitor, makes a voltage problem obvious
LED over and under voltage indicators instantly indicate a problem, without interpretation
An audio alert is configurable to alarm on overvoltage or under voltage (both on 4010, 8012, 4012 & 4008 only) or may be disabled.
Each fuse has a handy blown fuse LED illuminator to show short circuit problems instantly
4005i can issue alarm emails
RF Suppression
RF suppression on each outlet suppresses RF leakage between equipment. Keeps your power supply in regulation 80 DOLLARS SHIPPING EXTRA
add to favorites MFJ1124 RIGRUNNER POWERSTRIP
mfj1124 rigrunner 6 outlets. Installed fuses: one 1A, one 5A, two 10A, two 25A, one 40A. Outlets 1-4 are PowerPole®. Outlets 5, 6 are 35A high current binding posts. Includes 4 pair PowerPole® 8 40A contacts, 5 fuses (1ea, 1,5,10,25,10) 8Wx11/4Hx23/4D inches. Each Anderson PowerPole® outlet can carry up to 40 Amps. You can fuse each outlet as needed to protect your accessories or transceiver. The main fuse is 40 Amps. The standard color coded fuses simply plug in from outside. They are widely available ATC/ATO automobile fuses and can be used for 6, 12, 24 VDC systems.-70 dollars SHIPPING EXTRA
add to favorites ALINCO dr435mkll,ts480 faceplate,and mic
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Audio Technica ATR-1300 studio handheld vocal microphone. Comes with the 3 pin xlr cable. Each cable is 15 ft long. $35 . AS NEW. Used lightly in my amateur radio station. Excellent for singing, seminars, kareoke, broadcast,etc. These are current production. Located in ok falls

1- Kenwood TS480 sat/hx front panel assembly faceplate.. this is the black front face of the 480 with the clear lcd screen very easy to read, NOT A COMPLETE HEAD UNIT. from a parts radio . may be much better then what you have. $7.00 plus shipping. cheap. part number. Kenwood 881D39-8743-90