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Rare IOTA Island Dx-pedition Announcement

Fred and Helen Archibald plan to be on Round Island (one of the Walrus Is.) from 5-10 July 2018 and operate as VE1FA/KL7 and VA1YL/KL7 respectively. Round Is. (N. Lat 58.6°, W. Long. 160.0°) is in Bristol Bay in the Bering Sea west of mainland Alaska. It is part of Alaska’s Walrus Islands State Game Sanctuary. Operation will be part-time as we are going to visit the walruses and daughter Margaret (VE2ZOO) who is working for the Alaska Department of Fish + Game on the island. Round Is. is in IOTA’s Dillingham/Togiak group (NA-121) which has been activated before but remains quite rare.

We plan to be on 20m (14260 kHz) and 40m (7150 kHz) +/- QRM with 100 W and dipoles that have a nice ocean takeoff to the east and south. The beam/quad bearing from Nova Scotia is 320° and the distance is about 6300 km.

Once there and set up we’ll announce on DX Summit each time we are active. While there we will also check our email ( for feedback + suggestions.

QSL cards to VE1FA QRZ postal address (below) or buro. No electronic cards please.