Brit Fader Memorial QSL Bureau

VE1FQ QSL card

Brit Fader (VE1FQ) ran the VE1 and VE0 QSL bureau for over 49 years. He was Mr. QSL and Mr. Field Day for many of those years. The Brit Fader Memorial QSL Bureau, respectfully named in honour of VE1FQ, is operated by HARC using the RAC “Method B” for funding this service. This means that any Ham wishing to receive QSL cards from the Incoming Canadian Bureau MUST establish an account with the VE1 Bureau in the Halifax Club Rooms. To set up or to update your account, please email QSL Bureau Manager, mail a cheque to QSL Bureau, 2050 Hammonds Plains Road, Hammonds Plains, NS B4B 1P3 or visit the QSL Bureau in the HARC Station located in Fire station #50 at 2050 Hammonds Plains Road.

The VE1 Bureau works like this. You deposit a minimum of $5.00 in your Bureau account and your account will be billed for postage when cards are mailed out to you; or, you can visit the Club Station when the Bureau is open during the Social Hour prior to the monthly HARC meeting that takes place on the third Wednesday of each month and pick up your cards and save the postal fee. In addition, your account will be charged $0.50 for each card pickup or mail-out to help defray our Bureau administrative costs.