Take 15 Net

Held every Sunday at 20:30 Atlantic time on the VE1PSR repeater (147.27+). It is open to all Amateurs and is a good way to keep up on the latest news and events.

We hope you can make the Net and bring an idea or two with you that might be of interest to all on frequency. If you have a topic you would like discussed after the net, please reply to the net controllers who will find a discussion leader and schedule the discussion.

If you have an announcement and cannot make the Net or feel more comfortable having the NCS (net control station) make the announcement for you, let one of the NCS’ know via email and it will be added to the list of regular announcements.

Whether or not you have news or information for the Net, your presence indicates your support and need to ensure the continued operation of the Take 15 NET.

As always, your inputs regarding improvements to the format of the Take 15 Net are needed.

Current NCS’ for the Take 15 Net are:

IPARN/IRLP TransCanada Net

Held every Wednesday at 12:00 Atlantic time on the VE1HNS repeater (146.94-). It is open to all amateurs.

The 2 Meter Wake-Up Net

Held Monday through Friday 07:30 - 08:30 Atlantic time on VE1PKT (146.685-), VE1CDN (146.970-) and other maritime repeaters.