Annual Events

For up-to-date information on all of our Club events, please check the Upcoming Events column on the Home page of this website, and the most recent edition of the HARC newsletter – the Reflector.

Ham Radio Breakfast

This event brings together hams from all over for a morning breakfast and social. It is usually held on a Saturday morning in January or February at a local restaurant. The costs are usually very affordable and is a good chance to show off any new Christmas radio toys.

HARC Flea Market

This event is held in the spring each year. Hams from across the Maritimes and from further afield buy, sell, trade, and gaze fondly at all the new gear. It is the largest event of its kind in Atlantic Canada, with hundreds of buyers showing up each year! And add a link to the flea market information I have attached to this e-mail.

ARRL Field Day

Amateurs from the area practice their emergency preparedness skills by setting up amateur gear and operating for a period of 24 hours. Their ability to contact as many other stations during field day as possible is scored and tabulated, thus making the event a contest.

Summer Pizza Social Evenings

In place of our regular monthly meetings over the summer, the Club holds social evenings in July and August - third Wednesday of each month - so drop by for a slice of pizza and catch up on Club activities.

HARC Christmas Party

Held every year in December. Instead of a regular meeting, the club holds a dinner gathering at a local restaurant. Anyone is welcome.