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The Halifax Amateur Radio Club (H.A.R.C.), VE1FQ, has a long history dating back to its inception in 1933 and is one of the oldest amateur radio clubs in Canada. For the Club History and more...
The November 2014 issue of the Reflector is the most current issue and is now available.

Monthly Meeting

HARC’s next monthly meeting will take place Wednesday, January 21st., 2015 in the Senior’s Room on the 1st floor of the St. Andrew’s Community Centre, 3380 Barnstead Lane, off of Bayers Rd. (outbound) just past Romans Ave., in Halifax.
For a map --- follow this link ->>
6:30–7:30pm Social Hour with refreshments
7:30–8:30pm Presentation: Using Social Media to Enhance and Advance Amateur Radio
Presenter: Laura Muise, VE1ZMB
8:30–9:30pm Regular Monthly Business Meeting
For the November meeting Agendas --- follow this link
For the October meeting Minutes --- follow this link

Brit Fader Memorial QSL Bureau

Brit Fader, VE1FQ, ran the VE1 and VE0 QSL bureau for over 49 years. He was Mr. QSL and Mr. Field Day for many of those years. The Brit Fader Memorial QSL Bureau, respectfully named in honour of VE1FQ, is operated by HARC.

BE ADVISED that cards on file for more than two (2 ) years will be purged. It is important that your account with the Bureau is current. Click here for more information.

You can check your account status here (current as of November 2013).

Upcoming Meeting Speakers / Events

18 February Advancing HARC’s Media and Public Outreach Strategy
Presenters: Craig MacKinnon, VE1JMA, and Amanda Schreiber and Jayne Jackson

18 March The Art and Science of Amateur Radio Emergency Preparedness
Presenter: Dave George, VE1AJP

15 April Wireless Communications on the RMS Titanic
Presenter: Fred Archibald, VE1FA

20 May RAC - Current Successes and Plans: A Talk via Go-to- Webinar or Skype, or, maybe, in person
Presenter: Geoff Bawden, VE4BAW (To be Confirmed)

17 June Field Day Perspectives and Preparation
Presenter: Field Day Chair

15 July Summer Pizza Social Gathering

19 August Summer Pizza Social Gathering

15 September TBD: Enjoying Communication Challenges on VHF and UHF?
Presenter: To Be Confirmed

21 October TBD: a technical presentation?
Presenter: To be Confirmed

18 November A Retrospective on 2015 and HARC AGM
Presenter: HARC Executive

16 December HARC Christmas Party and Rookie of the Year Award

Archive - Meeting Speaker Presentations

These HARC presentations have been converted from PowerPoint to PDF files. When you open them you will see on the PDF Tool-Bar at the top right-hand corner, four icons; the left icon has four arrows pointing in different directions. If you hover over that icon you will see "Switch to Presentation Mode". You will how be able to advance each slide by using any of - space bar, page down button or down-arrow button.

Radio Propagation Conditions

A special thanks to Paul (N0NBH) for giving permission to post these solar indices on the HARC website.
For more information on how to interpret the above data, visit www.N0HR.com, or download the following ARRL document on Understanding Solar Indices

Add PropagationStats to your ham radio site.

Upcoming Events

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2014 Basic Amateur Radio Course ... for more information --- follow this link ->>


NEW ........ Notice of a Special Resolution for the January General Meeting

Background: Initial notice of the Special Resolution outlined below was given in the November 2014 Reflector with the intent that a confirming vote could take place at the AGM on 19 November 2014. However, due to an overlooked requirement of the Nova Scotia Society’s Act, this did not provide the 30 days’ notice that is required. We thank David George, VE1AJP, for pointing this out. In order to correct this oversight, we postponed the vote until our 21 January 2015 general meeting. In order to insure our compliance with regulations, this notice is being sent electronically to members, posted on our website and placed in the January Reflector.

Proposed Action: The Executive wishes approval from the membership to create a special Executive position for Bill Elliott, VE1MR. The position is intended to recognize his extraordinary, long term involvement in the leadership of HARC, but allow him to retire from the direct, active leadership while still making his good counsel and experience available to Executive Committees for the foreseeable future. To this end a Special Resolution is required that gains at least 75% of the votes cast at a duly constituted meeting.

Resolution: Thus, it is resolved that Bill Elliott, VE1MR, be appointed to the Executive Committee as a Director Emeritus, to provide counsel and advice to the Executive and to serve until he is no longer able or resigns.

For the HARC Executive Committee
K. Scott Wood
Past President

NEW ........ HARC # 1 in Canada in the 2014 ARRL Field Day in 2A Class ..... for more information on this announcement ---
follow this link..

Media and Public Outreach Strategy This document is available for viewing and comment. To view the document, go to --- follow this link ->> Direct comments to Craig (VE1JMA) at: cjmackinnon@gmail.com.

Canadian Hams Successfully Cross the Pond on Two Meters

Canadian Radio Amateurs from Nova Scotia, three of whom are HARC members, successfully completed a one-way transmission between Pouch Cove Newfoundland and Europe on July 6th., 2014 at 13:41 UTC. ..... for more information on this monumental undertaking --- follow this link --->

2013 HARC President's Annual Report --- follow this link for the latest information -->>

Fowler Brothers Receive HARC 2013 Rookie of the Year Award ..... for more information on this announcement ---
follow this link..

HARC 2013 Basic Amateur Radio Class Graduates ..... for more information ---
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HARC Repeater Use Policy
The HARC Repeater Use Policy is now being implemented. Click here for more info.

Want to learn CW? ... for more information --- follow this link..

Technical News / Educational Tutorials

    The Halifax Amateur Radio Club is proud to be an Affiliated Member of Radio Amateurs of Canada.
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