Halifax Amateur Radio Club

The Halifax Amateur Radio Club (H.A.R.C.), VE1FQ, has a long history dating back to its inception in 1933 and is one of the oldest amateur radio clubs in Canada.

HARC provides a forum for the exchange of ideas and information related to radio communications and technical experimentation. Ham radio provides an alternative means of communication during natural disasters and other emergencies.

HARC can provide communications facilities to aid government agencies in times of crisis. This fulfills amateur radio's legislated mandate to provide public service communication.

HARC allows people interested in amateur radio many opportunities for fellowship and projects of many types.

Monthly Meeting (3rd Wednesday of Every Month)

Presentation: TBA

Presenter: HARC Executive

Place and Times: See here for more details


The November 2020 issue of the Reflector is the most current issue and is now available.

Front page of the Reflector Newsletter

Radio Propagation Conditions

Solar-Terrestrial Data

A special thanks to Paul (N0NBH) for giving permission to post these solar indices on the HARC website.

For more information on how to interpret the above data, visit www.N0HR.com, or download the following ARRL document on Understanding Solar Indices.

Add Propagation Stats to your ham radio site.


NEW ........

The executive of the Halifax Amateur Radio Club has made the decision to try meeting ‘virtually’ in light of the current situation with the Club’s meeting space where no one from the Club is permitted to enter the building. In order to do so, we have selected GoToMeeting which is a commercial service that has a good reputation and good performance along with budget friendly pricing.

Please note that Google Chrome, Mozilla FireFox or Microsoft Edge are supported browsers. Internet Explorer is not supported any longer. If none of these browsers are your default, then you will have to copy and paste the link into the address bar of the alternate browser.

The first meeting will be on June 17th at 7PM

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The Halifax Amateur Radio Club Flea Market has been cancelled.

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The Parks & Historic Sites On The Air project is seeking help from a couple programmers

Parks & Historic Sites On The Air ( www.cnpota.ca ) is a brain child of several Hams in the Halifax area who want to duplicate the American Parks theme of two years ago, only for Canada. We need assistance of a couple programmers Below is a description of what is needed.

The division of programming labor they are looking for is

  • Doug Grace will return to work on the web site to add support for ADIF file upload, update the logos, and assist with changes for bilingual translation.
  • We’ll need to find (several?) others to help design and write the backend processes to confirm QSOs, compile statistics, maintain leader boards, track awards.
  • We’ll need to figure out if we’re going to allow already uploaded logs to be deleted or edited. If we do, we’ll need to have a subsystem designed and written to do this.
  • We’ll need specific computer skill sets. Experience in a UNIX/Linux environment, database design and SQL coding (MySQL or other database), Linux programming in Perl or PHP programming language.

Anyone interested, please contact Doug Grace VE1DFG by e-mail or by phone 902-456-0506. Thanks so much and look forward to hearing from interested people.

NEW ........

Dalhousie has recently setup a web interface for the weather station on top of the Dunn building at Dal

Real time weather conditions can be observed at the following web page:


The project is in progress, so there might be some interruptions in the service.

A copy of the 1959 edition of The Canadian Amateur was recently provided to HARC by Michel VE2TH; the whole of the edition was devoted to Amateur Radio in Nova Scotia. It is a big document so it has been posted in two parts.......to read the documents --- follow this link.....

HARC Establishes a "Wireless Room" exhibit at the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic .......for more information on this announcement ----follow this link.....

How Hams like HARC's Brit Fader (VE1FQ) made communication possible with the Joint Arctic Weather Stations in the early days of amateur radio .......for more information on this announcement ----follow this link.....

RAC Revised 0 – 30 MHz Band Plan - The revised RAC 0-30 MHz Band Plan has been released with the effective date of December 1, 2015. This replaces the January 1, 2015 Band Plan version. It incorporates several updates to reflect feedback received on the earlier version. The Band Plan graphics have also been changed to improve readability and make it easier to determine which segments are recommended for which modes.

The RAC 0-30 MHz Band Plan is available on the RAC web site; down-load a copy or print one off for use in the "shack": wp.rac.ca/rac-0-30-mhz-band-plan.

HARC members and former submariners donate two pair of dolphin to submarine museums.......for more information ----follow this link.....

HARC Repeater Use Policy

The HARC Repeater Use Policy is now being implemented. Click here for more info.

Upcoming Events

Full info can be found at the upcoming events page

Club Meetings

15 January IARU Region 2 General Assembly: Amateur Radio Governance in action:

Presenter: Al Penney, VO1NO

19 February Winter Social and Swap Shop

Presenter: HARC Executive

18 March Digital Voice Modes Demystified: DMR, D-Star and Fusion

Presenter: Al Cyples, VE1CYP

15 April Gourmet Homebrew Projects with Raspberry Pi

Presenter: Roger Stein, VA1RST

VE1FQ QSL card

Brit Fader Memorial QSL Bureau

Brit Fader, VE1FQ, ran the VE1 and VE0 QSL bureau for over 49 years. He was Mr. QSL and Mr. Field Day for many of those years. The Brit Fader Memorial QSL Bureau, respectfully named in honour of VE1FQ, is operated by HARC.

BE ADVISED that cards on file for more than two (2) years will be purged. It is important that your account with the Bureau is current. Click here for more information.